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What in the World is Co-Working?

“Co-working” is an unusual term. As the workplace continues to change and evolve, and more and more people start to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, the typical 9-5 job becomes more a concept thing of the past. Start-ups have been modeling co-working for years, sharing office space and rapid fire group synergy without the physical boundaries of walls or cubicles, but we see it everyday. Folks working on laptops in coffee shops are technically co-working.


We knew from day one that in order to keep Modern Studio financially supported, we would need multiple revenue streams. We also wanted the building to be used 80% of the time rather than sit empty during the day. Opening up the space during the day for co-working was our answer to that. Knoxville is a thriving entrepreneurial community, and we know from personal experience how distracting a home office can be. We wanted to offer something that responded to the changing needs of the workforce, and offered something unique to Knoxville.

the studio

So what does The Studio offer that you can’t get from squatting in a coffee shop all day? We’re offering an open concept floor plan with work tables, professional internet, semi-private meeting spaces, great coffee, as well as all the cool stuff you won’t find at a coffee shop – books, whiteboards, 22″ monitors, and a safe and professional space to conduct your daily work and business meetings. We’ll be open from 9-6 pm Monday – Friday only to those there to get stuff done.

Those are really the brass tacks of what The Studio provides to you. What you’ll personally gain from working in a room of other creatives, is a bit harder to describe. We’ve heard from many entrepreneurs who miss the social interaction of the traditional workplace. Work for many becomes a space where friendships are grown and creative ideas manifest. When you work for yourself, and from the confines of your home, this energy becomes stifled. Not to mention we all need human interaction. The Studio offers a unique opportunity to work beside other creative entrepreneurs and experience the energy that comes from a group workspace.

(Many thanks to Vessel Co-Working in Austin, TX for their guidance & inspiration)

We’ve taken great care to price memberships in a range that is not only financially accessible but also competitive. We’re not offering individual offices – not everyone needs or wants one. What we’re offering is the opportunity to be part of a unique and synergistic work environment that allows your business to grow, your productivity to increase, and costs roughly $1.25 per hour.

Ready to learn more? Take a look at our membership options or contact us to get started: