Q: I am interested in backing this project – where will my money go?

A: Transparency is one of our founding values and we’ll be providing access to our business plan, financial projections, expenses, and daily operating costs within the next week. We welcome any and all additional inquiries into our practices, and appreciate feedback. (See below for contact info)

Q: What types of performances will be held in the space?

A: Modern Studio will contain a theatre space for theatre productions, acoustic music shows & concerts, as well as poetry slams, chamber groups such as choirs, small vocal or instrumental groups, and other performing artists. Roughly 20 productions per year will be produced by KPAX, and as a critical partner in Modern Studio, they will receive scheduling preference.

We will not be hosting fire acts, heavy metal or other rock shows, or burlesque at this time.

Q:. How do I request to perform at Modern Studio?

A: All other artists not associated with KPAX will be required to fill out an application for approval. Our team will review each application and make a decision based on the consistency of the performance with our overall aesthetic. We will have a sliding fee scale for groups that are non-profits, school affiliated, and student musicians. Contact us directly for more information.

Q: What is KPAX?

A: The Knoxville Performing Arts Exchange was created by Carolyn Corley in order to maintain a venue for non-profit performing arts productions and provide support for artists of all experience levels and backgrounds, and to enrich the cultural life of our community through improved arts access, education and outreach.

KPAX aims to support local non-profits and artists in the production of performance art by providing the basic infrastructure and utilities (e.g. stage, lighting, and sound) in a stable, supportive environment combined with audience convenience and comfort. We believe these provisions will allow performing arts groups of all types and levels to focus more of their resources and efforts on artistic quality, enabling them to expand their audiences, and by extension, their programming.

Q: Why should I perform at Modern Studio?

A: In addition to providing a fine performing arts venue, we also offer sound and video recording through Superpixel Studios. This is a professional service which is optional. It is our goal, however, to expand to a Modern Studio podcast and live stream in order to market our events.

Modern Studio will be the only acoustic performance venue in Knoxville, and we believe strongly in providing a stage that can accommodate a range of musicians, from the singer/songwriter to the concert cellist.

Q: Will you serve alcohol?

A: Our vision is to provide a fine performing arts space that honors the time and talent of the artists without the distraction of food or drink. However, for certain shows, limited alcohol may be served, and BYOB will be determined based on each performance.

Q: What is the capacity of Modern Studio?

A: Due to fire regulations, we can accommodate an audience of 50-75 but no more than 125 in the building at any one time.

Q: Can I rent the building for private events, such as weddings?

A: Absolutely! Inquiries for private events can contact us directly. Determining factors include availability, as well as maintenance in the form of staff, etc.

Q: I’m a local maker. How can I sell my items at Modern Studio?

A: We encourage all local makers to contact us, and we will give strong preference to those creating in Knoxville, TN. Our team will review your products and determine if they are a good fit with our space. We will operate on a consignment model, taking no more than 15% of the sale.

Q: What is Modern Seamstress?

A: Modern Seamstress is a sewing studio that includes online and in person sewing classes and workshops, bespoke garments, and fabric, patterns, and other supplies for the garment sewer. The goal of Modern Seamstress is to empower women to love their bodies and delight in dressing their bodies while becoming more conscious about consumption and its impact on those around us. Find more information at www.burkebrewer.org.


Q: Will Modern Studio have permanent offices to rent?

A: Unfortunately, the physical space is not large enough to accommodate leased office space. Our plan is to eventually have a private conference room that can be rented per hour.

Q: Do you intend to have employees?

A: Absolutely! A long term goal is to provide employment in the form of events managers, retail assistants, production assistants, etc. The creation of positions will depend solely on the success of Modern Studio and the demand for its services in the community.

Q: I have a question not listed here — who do I contact?

A: Any additional inquiries may be addressed on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/modernstudioknox. Feel free to send us a message via the page so our entire team may reply.


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