The Silverton Casino Hotel – NV

The Silverton Casino Hotel NV is a Las Vegas hotel that has been around for over ninety years. It is the oldest casino in Nevada. They are on the Las Vegas strip and have a nice hotel room for a little more than the standard hotel room.

silverton casino hotel las vegas nv

If you enjoy a good time playing the slots, this casino is perfect. You will be able to play any game from the five reel and progressive slot machines. You can play on the video poker machines, as well as the video poker and roulette options. There are also many electronic bingo games that you can play as well.

There is also a nice bar area in the lobby of the Silverton Casino Hotel NV. Some of their other activities include: a pool table, an arcade, a bowling alley, a casino game room, a party room, a barbershop, and even an art gallery. There is even a casino lounge that is open twenty-four hours a day so that customers can enjoy their time here while they are at their gaming table.

The Silverton Casino Hotel offers a lot of gaming options for people that enjoy a variety of games. There are even a couple of machines where you can play in a number of different games. There are several restaurants that are located inside the casino that offer meals. There are also several casinos inside that allow visitors to gamble, so that means that you can win money at the casino and also spend some money. However, most casino players do not want to get caught up in the casino world.

The Silverton Casino Hotel has many amenities available to the customers, including an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. If you are in the mood to enjoy a hot tub, you can take advantage of that as well. There are also a few restaurants inside that will serve you meals. If you do not want to eat in the restaurant, you can always order food from the snack bar that is located right outside your hotel room.

The Silverton Casino Hotel is located on the Las Vegas strip and offers you many ways to play casino games. The guests who frequent this casino are usually very happy with the service that is provided and the entertainment that is offered inside the casino. So, if you are looking for a great place to spend some time while you are enjoying your Vegas trip, look no further than the Silverton Casino Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.